All OXSC coaches, players, officials, members and supporters are expected at all times to act appropriately and consistently in line with Club Values and Code of Conduct.

Club Values

  • Care and respect to all, at all times, on or off field.
  • Provision of a safe, supportive and inclusive club environment.
  • Club before the individual.
  • Transparency and open communication.
  • No discrimination (gender, race, religious, ethnic).
  • Individual responsibility for one’s actions.

Club Code of Conduct

  • The OXSC Coaches, Players, Officials (CPO) group must display respect to opposition coaches, players, officials, and supporters at all times.
  • The OXSC CPO group must display respect to each other at all times.
  • The OXSC CPO group must respect and adhere to all referee decisions.
  • The OXSC CPO group should be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • The use of illicit drugs by OXSC CPO and/or associated OXSC individuals at sanctioned club events and functions is strictly prohibited. The supply of illicit/performance enhancing drugs by OXSC CPO and/or associated OXSC individuals to OXSC CPO and/or associated OXSC individuals is strictly prohibited at all times. The use of performance enhancing drugs by OXSC CPO is also strictly prohibited.
  • The OXSC CPO group is required to attend all club functions, or at a minimum purchase a ticket should they be unable to attend. Appropriate penalties will be determined by the Team Coach.
  • Players are required to attend training as per squad requirements or notify an appropriate person of their non-attendance.

Player Welfare

Central to the effectiveness of providing a safe, supportive and inclusive club environment is the access to Player Welfare Services. The Player Welfare Manager’s role is to provide confidential assistance and support with regards to the well being of any club player, coach, or official. This includes facilitating access to all available services including psychologists, physiotherapists, financial advisors/planners, lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents. This is not limited to club related issues and may include areas such as below:

  • Employment and Education
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Mental Health
  • Gambling/Financial Issues
  • Discrimination
  • Personal Relationships

The Player Welfare Manager will also be required to manage any alcohol/drug related incidents observed and/or reported as occurring at sanctioned club events and functions in conjunction with the President and Vice President and report back to the Committee. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times however coaches will be kept informed where appropriate. The role is also an important component of the club’s duty of care of its members, playing and non-playing. However, whilst the club is committed to providing support to the CPO group, each person must accept that they as individuals have a responsibility by their own actions at all times. Any queries regarding this policy may be directed to the Davide Musolino (Player Welfare Manager) at or on 0425 747 026 or any representative of the Committee.

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